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May 27, 2014 / Leslie

Spotlight – Hannibal: Enemy of Rome by Ben Kane

Hannibal: Enemy of Rome, is the first installment in a new series from bestselling author, Ben Kane and releases in the US today. Historical fiction fans will enjoy this tale of Rome’s greatest enemy. This is Hannibal’s story, as his personal quest for revenge leads to the greatest conflict of the ancient world.

I enjoy a variety of historical fiction, and ancient Rome is a time period that has always fascinated me. I haven’t had a chance to read this yet, but I’m looking forward to diving into it sometime soon.

About the Book

Hannibal: Enemy of RomeHannibal: Enemy of Rome

by Ben Kane
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Publish Date: May 27, 2014

The great Carthaginian general, Hannibal, has never forgotten the defeat and humiliation of his people by Rome. Now he plans his revenge and the destruction of the old enemy. While Hannibal prepares for war, Hanno, the son of one of his most trusted military commanders goes out fishing with Suni, his best friend ― and is washed out to sea. Captured by pirates, transported to an Italian slave market, one of the boys is sold as a gladiator, the other as a field slave. Both believe that they will never see home or family again.

Against all probability, Hanno strikes up a relationship with Quintus and Aurelia, his Roman master’s children. But trouble is never far away. As the Second Punic War begins, pulling the world into chaos, Hanno’s life is threatened by a cruel overseer, while his friend battles to survive as a gladiator. The destiny of all four young people ― Roman and Carthaginian ― is to be an extraordinary one. So too is that of their families. The devastating war unleashed upon Rome by Hannibal will change all of their lives ― and history ― forever.

[Read an excerpt.]

About the Author

Ben Kane was born in Kenya and raised there, as well as in Ireland. He studied veterinary medicine at University College Dublin, and after that he traveled the world extensively, indulging his passion for ancient history. He now lives in North Somerset with his wife and family.

Ben Kane is one of the best known historical novelists. A top-three bestseller in the UK, his previous five books have had strong sales in the United Sates, building a stable fan base. In fact, the paperback edition of SPARTACUS Rebellion is also being release in May to tie in with this new hardcover series.

Connect with Ben

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Praise for Ben Kane

“This historical yarn from Kane isn’t your grandfather’s Spartacus.”
–Kirkus on Spartacus: Rebellion

“Kane is a natural storyteller, merging suspense and intrigue with graphic battlefield scenes and historical color into a ripping story that will please series fans and new converts alike.”
–Publishers Weekly on The Road to Rome

“Lively…riveting…rich in accurate historical detail. The characterizations are finely drawn and set against a dangerous, cruel, but often thrilling landscape.”
–Booklist on The Forgotten Legion

“Epic… a gripping blend of history, battles, gore, ancient politics, betrayal, consummate and casual cruelty, and sex… a pleasure for those who like history and great adventure.”
–Library Journal on The Forgotten Legion

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  1. Suko / May 27 2014 10:37 am

    Great spotlight, Leslie! This book sounds like a winner.


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