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Review Policy

In addition to this site I post reviews on goodreads, LibraryThing and Amazon. I make an effort to post reviews of new releases at or near the publication date whenever possible. I cannot guarantee I will post a review for every book I receive.

I enjoy a variety of genres –
• Contemporary Fiction
• Historical Fiction
• Women’s Fiction
• Mysteries / Thrillers
• Science Fiction / Dystopian
• Non-fiction (topics such as science, gardening, nature, photography, cooking and some biographies).
• Any book where birds are the subject, fiction or non-fiction.

What I don’t usually read:
• Poetry
• Swords & Dragons Type Fantasy ( I do enjoy some magical realism and scifi type fantasy)
• Pure Romance (Romance as part of the plot is fine)
• Inspirational / Religious

I am currently accepting a limited number of print books – ARCs, galleys or finished copies – for consideration for review. I also accept audio books in either digital download or CD format.

I am not accepting novels in pdf or epub format.

Please contact me by e-mail with any requests, questions or comments.

Last updated July 2014