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Stephen King Project 2012

When I saw that Natalie from Coffee and a Book Chick and Kathleen from Boarding in My Forties were hosting the Stephen King Project, I just had to sign up for one more challenge for 2012.


• The challenge runs from January – December 2012.
• Audiobooks, E-books and movies count.
• The Project will be hosted at The Stephen King Project.

Commitment Levels

• A King Novice: 1 book
• A Lil Bit of King: 3 books
• A King to Balance It All: 6 books
• A King Legend: 9 books
• A King for All Seasons: 12+ books
I’m going to commit to A Lil Bit of King: 3 books.

  1. Mile 81
  2. In the Tall Grass
  3. The Gunslinger (not reviewed)

Comment are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

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