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Welcome to Under My Apple Tree

I started the blog years ago as a place to record thoughts and comments and due to a lack of much of either I let it lie dormant until 2009 when I converted it into a mostly book blog. The name of my blog has nothing to do with books; however, there really is an apple tree that inspired the name. I planted it in my backyard about 15 years ago. It is now fairly large, makes beautiful pink flowers, a nice amount of shade and is a good place to sit under on a summer day. It also makes apples which I rarely get to eat because the resident squirrels get to them first.

I worked full time for 20 years as a tax consultant in downtown Chicago until the company was sold. Now I have joined the unemployed and do part-time and temporary work, including freelance copy editing and proofreading. I’m married to a non-book-lover and live in the suburbs. My daily commute on the train gave me a lot of time for reading but my favorite place to read is my backyard deck in the summer.

Science and speculative fiction are some of my favorite genres but are only a portion of my reading. I also enjoy contemporary and historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers and narrative non-fiction. I also like cookbooks, gardening, photography and science books, and anything about bird watching. I’m a fairly eclectic reader and will give most books a chance if the subject interests me.

I can often be found stalking birds with my camera, photographing wildlife, flowers and nature scenes. I have a weekly feature called Weekend Birding which I post on Saturdays. I showcase my bird photos, feature a specific bird, book or anything bird related.

I also have a garden blog, LadyMin’s Garden. Gardening is my therapy and I can spend hours digging, planting and weeding all the while listening to an audio book.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your visit here and do come again.


To contact me fill in the form below or send email to UnderMyAppleTree at gmail dot com.

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