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August 29, 2018 / Leslie

Wordless Wednesday: Wildflower Garden

Almost wordless: The wildflower garden looks different every year. I don’t make many changes, I just garden around what comes up each year as most of my plants are perennials or self-seeders. This year it’s very full and lush despite all the bunny damage early in the season.

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  1. Diane / Aug 29 2018 6:24 am

    I bet the birds and butterflies love it; so pretty.


    • Leslie / Aug 29 2018 5:33 pm

      Almost everything in there is native so, yes, I get lots of butterflies, monarchs too. And the goldfinch love the yellow cone flower.


  2. BermudaOnion / Aug 29 2018 7:02 am

    It’s gorgeous!


  3. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz / Aug 29 2018 10:27 am

    That’s a magnificent garden! I love your variety of colors and heights. So pretty!


    • Leslie / Aug 29 2018 5:37 pm

      I’m at the mercy of the weather. The tall pink flowers are Joe Pye Weed and will grow anywhere from 3 feet to 6 feet depending on sunshine and amount of water. The Daisy Fleabane are self-seeders and depend on the wind. Most people consider them weeds but I love their delicate look in the garden.


  4. Mary / Aug 29 2018 3:58 pm



    • Leslie / Aug 29 2018 5:38 pm

      Thanks! It’s worth the work even though we have such a short growing season.


  5. handmadejewelryhaven / Aug 29 2018 7:15 pm

    I bet the birds and the butterflies that visit are beautiful to watch!

    Thanks for sharing!

    – Lisa


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