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January 9, 2018 / Leslie

Brewdog: Craft Beer for the People

A Rapid Review

Publisher: Mitchell Beazley | November 2017
Format: Hardcover | 240 pages

How to understand and enjoy craft beer, from one of the most exciting new beer brands.

This is an interesting look at the craft beer industry from Brewdog, a company based in the UK, that is aimed at the beer drinker who enjoys trying brews that are different and unique. In 10 years they have been very successful and have grown from 2 guys and a dog to 750 employees and a dog.

These guys are truly experts in their field and they make no secret of their dislike of corporate breweries marketing fake craft beer, or buying a small brewery just to get the name.

There is a lot of information in this book, everything from the proper way to taste beer to how to brew your own. There is even a section of recipes to pair with beers. The book has a nice layout with lots of color photos, illustrations, charts, and sidebars. Headings and points of interest are in bold type making it easy to flip through and stop and read a topic that catches the eye. The writing style is engaging, fun, and informative.

An Under My Apple Tree Rapid Review

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  1. BermudaOnion / Jan 9 2018 8:44 pm

    Aren’t they building a brewery in the US? This sounds like a book my whole family would enjoy.


  2. Suko / Jan 10 2018 7:08 pm

    This sounds like a fun and informative book!


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