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May 18, 2016 / Leslie

Wordless Wednesday: Allium


Almost wordless: With our crazy cool weather this spring, the wildflower garden has had a slow start. The Allium finally bloomed this week.

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  1. Beth F / May 18 2016 5:17 am

    Very pretty. Love that we’re getting flowers again.


  2. readerbuzz / May 18 2016 6:15 am
  3. DrillerAA / May 18 2016 6:41 am

    Beautiful burst of color. Nice work. Have a blessed day.


  4. BermudaOnion / May 18 2016 8:11 am

    Our weather is up and down – 80s one day and 60s the next. Your Allium is gorgeous!


  5. Beth Hoffman / May 18 2016 12:25 pm



  6. bettyl / May 18 2016 4:20 pm

    love the color, beautiful


  7. irene / May 18 2016 8:18 pm

    haven’t seen mine yet. But, yours is lovely


  8. Fiction-Books (@Fiction_Books) / May 20 2016 4:44 pm

    Hi Leslie,

    The rhododendrons are out in all their glory …. Now the weather chages and the heads are being decimated by strong winds and heavy rain. Hubbie did manage to get some pictures before the plant was soaked!

    I love mauve and purple flowers and your allium is an amazing picture 🙂



  9. Suko / May 20 2016 11:55 pm

    Absolutely stunning! 🙂


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