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May 6, 2016 / Leslie

Audiobook Review: The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time

A Rapid ReviewSleepRevolution

Publisher: Random House Audio | April 2016
Format: Audio Download | 10 hours | Rating: 3½ stars
Audio Listening Level: Easy – Intermediate

We are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis, writes Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post. And this has profound consequences – on our health, our job performance, our relationships and our happiness. What is needed, she boldly asserts, is nothing short of a sleep revolution.

While I enjoyed reading this, there is nothing really new or revolutionary here. The book contains a lot of commonsense information, but most of us know this stuff already, even if we don’t always heed the experts’ advice. News stories, magazine articles, the internet — they have loads of information on how we as a nation, or maybe much of the world, are depriving ourselves from needed rest. I know I am (was), which was why I chose to listen to this.

Arianna Huffington is not a sleep expert. She quotes lots of expert sources for that. What she has done is compile a lot of information on sleep in what I see as an attempt to change the culture of sleep less, accomplish more. If you are not already familiar with the subject, or want a refresher, then reading this would be a good choice.

Audio production:
The book was narrated by Agapi Stassinopoulos. The narrator sounds a lot like Ariana, so much so that at first I didn’t realize Ariana wasn’t the narrator. Aside from Aniana reading it herself, which would be credible, the choice of a narrator with such a heavy (and at times difficult to understand) accent doesn’t make sense. Listen to the sample below before making a decision on audio vs print.

Audio Sample:

An Under My Apple Tree Rapid Review
Source: Review copy provided by Random House Audio.
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  1. Vicki / May 6 2016 4:52 pm

    Too bad there wasn’t anything really new in it.


  2. stacybuckeye / May 7 2016 9:46 pm

    Hm. Maybe I should skip reading it…and sleep 🙂


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