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September 4, 2014 / Leslie

Review – Audiobook: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Mr MercedesMr. Mercedes
by Stephen King
Narrated by Will Patton

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio | June 2014
Format: Audio CD | 14½ hours | Rating: 4 stars
Audio Listening Level: Easy – Intermediate
Rating: 4 of 5

From the Publisher:

In a mega-stakes, high-suspense race against time, three of the most unlikely and winning heroes Stephen King has ever created try to stop a lone killer from blowing up thousands.

My Thoughts:

Bill Hodges, a recently retired police detective, is sinking into depression. He spends his boring days consuming alcohol, watching TV, and occasionally looking into the barrel of a revolver. Then, out of nowhere, he receives a taunting letter from someone claiming to be “The Mercedes Killer”, the ‘perp’ from a case he was unable to solve before he retired. Given a new purpose in life, Bill sets out to solve the case, whatever it takes.

This is a departure from Stephen King’s traditional style of ghosts, vampires, and other supernatural elements. Instead, he has written a creepy crime thriller. There were a few plot points that were a little unbelievable (the computer hacking and the unrealistic romance), but the story was fast-paced and suspenseful, and the writing was enjoyable. King’s pop-culture references and references to his own previous novels add a little lightness and humor to the mix.

While all the characters were fairly well-developed, Mr. Mercedes was the most interesting: a very warped, socially mal-adjusted killer with no morals. We are allowed into the mind of the killer, and that was horror enough for me. And, as usual, pets and children are always in danger in a Stephen King novel.

Fast-paced and suspenseful, I always find King’s writing enjoyable in whatever genre he chooses.

Audio Production:

Will Patton did a fantastic job with the narration. His voice for Mr. Mercedes was compellingly creepy and had me looking over my shoulder wondering how many disturbed people we unknowingly pass by everyday. Each of his character’s voices was well-defined, and his tone became more urgent and suspenseful as the story progressed. A winning audio performance!


Source: Review copy provided by Simon & Schuster Audio
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  1. BermudaOnion / Sep 4 2014 12:30 pm

    I read the ebook version of this because my book club will be discussing it. I liked it a lot but agree with you about the romance. I thought the ending left things open for another book and read today it’s the start of a projected trilogy.


  2. Mary / Sep 5 2014 7:23 am

    My husband is a King fan (sadly, I’m not) and recently purchased this. I’m looking forward to finding out if he agrees with you!


  3. diane / Sep 6 2014 7:27 am

    The audio was fantastic. So happy you reminded me it was available:)


  4. I’m so glad I saw this review! I just discovered my library had this in audio but I was hesitant to get it because I wasn’t sure how the story would translate into audio form. I’ll definitely be getting on the wait list now. I can’t wait!


  5. Sarah @ Sarah's Book Shelves / Sep 17 2014 11:05 am

    I’m looking forward to reading this one and have heard from some others as well that the audio is great. Glad you enjoyed it!



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