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June 15, 2014 / Leslie

Review – Audiobook: The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry

AJFikryThe Storied Life of A. J. Fikry
by Gabrielle Zevin
Narrated by Scott Brick

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Highbridge
Publish Date: April 1, 2014
Format: Audio, 7 hours | 2 minutes
Audio Listening Level: Easy
Rating: 4 of 5

Publisher’s Synopsis:

With his wife gone, a rare book stolen, and both his bookstore and love of life in serious decline, only something extraordinary could alter the sagging fortunes of A. J. Fikry and Island Books. What he discovers one night among the children’s books, however, could change everything.

My Thoughts:

After A. J. Fikry’s wife dies in a car accident, he becomes cranky, cynical and set in his curmudgeonly ways. Together, they had opened Island Books, but now he is running the shop by himself. After a rare book is stolen, a book that he intended to use to fund his retirement, he sinks further into despair. And then the most wonderful transformation happens to A. J. when he discovers a precocious toddler – named Maya according to a note left with her – abandoned in his bookstore.

This is a short book and to give away much more of the plot would ruin the delight in experiencing the story unfold. Avid readers and those in the book selling and publishing industry will enjoy the many book references. While I was listening I was smiling and nodding and laughing. The story is charming, the writing is clever and the characters are endearing.

Audio Production:
Another wonderful performance by Scott Brick. His expert narration brought the irascible A.J. to life, his voice mellowing as A.J.’s temperment begins to change and he realizes there is a lot more to life than the way he has been living. This is an engaging novel and the audio version was a delight to listen to.

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  1. Suko / Jun 15 2014 10:34 pm

    This sounds like a charming book/audiobook! 🙂


  2. Beth F / Jun 16 2014 6:32 am

    I’ve been wanting to read this … maybe audio with Scot Brick is the way to go.


  3. sagustocox / Jun 16 2014 8:53 am

    I enjoy books with clever writing and references to other books. This sounds like a good one


  4. Sarah @ Sarah's Book Shelves / Jun 20 2014 8:10 pm

    I just started this and am loving it so far! I love how A.J. somehow manages to be snarky and delightful at the same time…and I love his commentary on books and that whole world!


  5. stacybuckeye / Jun 21 2014 12:08 am

    I really liked this one too!


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