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February 19, 2013 / Leslie

Review – Audiobook: Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell

Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell

Bone Bed
by Patricia Cornwell
Narrated by Kate Burton

Genre: Crime/Thriller
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Publish Date: October 16, 2012
Format: Audio, 12 hours | 53 minutes
Audio Listening Level: Intermediate
Rating: 3½ of 5

Publisher’s Synopsis:

A woman has vanished while digging a dinosaur bone bed in the remote wilderness of Canada. Somehow, the only evidence has made its way to the inbox of Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta, over two thousand miles away in Boston. She has no idea why. But as events unfold with alarming speed, Scarpetta begins to suspect that the paleontologist’s disappearance is connected to a series of crimes much closer to home: a gruesome murder, inexplicable tortures, and trace evidence from the last living creatures of the dinosaur age.

My Thoughts:

I read many of the early Scarpetta novels and eagerly anticipated each new installment in the series. But, as sometimes happens with a recurring character, I got tired of them and moved on to something else. Last year I had the opportunity to review Red Mist, the 19th book in the series, and found that I still enjoyed Kay Scarpetta.

Now Chief Medical Examiner, Scarpetta is still sharp and Cornwell’s writing is fast-paced and interesting with the forensic detail I enjoy. The main story, the murders, and solving the mystery of the serial killer, had enough complexity to keep me guessing and kept me engaged throughout the book.

This is the 20th Scarpetta novel, and one of the problems with a series that has this many installments is intertwining the back story in a way that makes sense to new readers or ones that have jumped back in to the series. At times the back story involving personal relationships, husband Benton, niece Lucy, and colleague (and now Chief Investigator) Marino, left me confused; but ultimately it wasn’t necessary to understand all the history to enjoy this story. Cornwell gives us just enough detail to get by while whetting our appetite for the previous novels.

The audio, read by Kate Burton, was nicely paced and easy to listen to with enough changes in tone and accent to differentiate among the many characters. Keeping track of all the characters was at times challenging, requiring a little extra concentration, but not difficult to follow. Overall, an enjoyable forensic science mystery.

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  1. BermudaOnion / Feb 19 2013 10:17 am

    I’m the same way with Kay Scarpetta. I have this on audio and may try it one of these days.


  2. Suko / Feb 19 2013 10:22 am

    Leslie, I’m glad you enjoyed listening to this one. Hard to believe that this is the 20th Scarpetta book!


  3. Mary / Feb 19 2013 10:44 am

    I’ve been reluctant to listen to mysteries because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep characters and clues straight 🙂



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