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February 1, 2010 / Leslie (LadyMin)

Review: Eternal On The Water

Eternal On The Water by Joseph Monninger

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Published: February 2010
Rating: 3½ of 5 stars

Eternal On The Water is a thought-provoking story about love and loss and difficult decisions. It is the story of Cobb and Mary, two people who never expected to meet and fall in love while on a camping trip in Maine. As they get to know more about each other it soon becomes evident that Mary has something she must tell him, that she may carry the gene for a fatal genetic disease, which will impact their future life together.

The novel opens with Mary’s death and Cobb proceeds to tell us their story. Knowing the ending changed the way I viewed the characters. There was no longer any suspense as to whether they would end up together. Although they kept referring to each other as soul mates, I never really felt the passion that would be expected. There was no big build-up to romance. They were likable characters and I could sense their deep commitment to each other, but the romance was lacking.

I thoroughly enjoyed the novel’s backdrop of the wilderness and nature. The folklore and stories about the animals: crows, bears, wolves and turtles to name a few, added interest. Mary’s life is in the outdoors, the connection is deep and we can appreciate that through her stories.

I received this novel as part of the Barnes and Nobel First Look Book Club. For the most part I found it enjoyable even though it is not the type of book I would usually be drawn to. The story got a little slow at times but it picked up the pace again towards the end and it was worth staying with the book. There are some important messages and discussion points in this book about life and death and doing both on your own terms. This would make an excellent choice for a book club read.
Source: Advance Reading Copy


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